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From Tue. 12.07. - Sat. 16.07.2022 a film festival with open air cinema will take place on the meadow in front of the HfG to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the university.

The festival was initiated by the Zeitbild-Lab / platform for production and distribution of the HfG / and is organized and implemented in collaboration with the film archive of the HfG.

On each of four days (Tue. 12.07., Wed. 13.07., Fri. 15.07. and Sat. 16.07.) one film from the Zeitbild-Lab from the period 2019-2022 will be screened, plus a small selection of films from the entire 30 years of HfG film history, decided together with a curatorial team.

On Thursday, 7/14, we will present a special alumni evening. More info coming soon!

Films are a fabulous way to encourage reflection on this period of HfG, to treat it as a contemporary document, and to make it possible to bring together different actors:in the history of HfG.

In addition to the filmmakers, there will be other guests each evening. Each day there will be a discussion, each with a theme and this motif: "The Future of... Film Archives, Gender and Film, Green Cinema, Film Production and Film Festivals."

Program overview here: Cinema in the Blue Salon

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