A Place in the Woods is an exhibition platform in the form of a temporary sculpture. A billboard has appeared in the woods. For the opening it shows a large photograph by Alexander Theis. There is also an information display case by Hannah Sakai, signage and a mascot by Zhizhong Keene, and a birdhouse by Raphael Jörger and his family.

The project also takes place simultaneously online at a-place-in-the-woods.net, a website that shows what’s happening on site via wild camera and will also grow independently over the next 3 months.

A Place in the Woods is a dual exhibition space for media-artistic stagings on the Internet and in the Hardtwald. The physical basis is the construction of a billboard in a publicly accessible but not exposed location in the woods. By shifting the construction from urban space and advertising context to the non-commercial, rural environment, an artistically and curatorially usable “space” is created that allows conventional perspectives, framings and habits of reception to be thematized or casually undermined.

On August 6th at 6pm we will inaugurate it with a drink. From now on, events will be held approximately every 2 weeks. Latest information always on the website.

Directions Cross the Adenauerring at the Wildparkstadion and follow the Stutenseer Allee to the left of the parking lot until the 6th cross street on the left. After about 500m you will find A Place in the Woods on the left side (49.037420, 8.424102). Arrows guide the way.

It can also be found via: a-place-in-the-woods.net. And @a_place_in_thewoods on Instagram.

Supported by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2022 project support program for media art.

Supported by UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe, LBBW Stiftung, AStA of HfG Karlsruhe and Stober Medien.

The project is: Jonathan Blaschke, Johanna Schäfer, Jonas Grünwald, Isabel Motz, Florian Knöbl and Bruno Jacoby

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