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02.11.2023 // 18:00 // Lichtbrücke

Welcoming her professorship of Time Based Media and Performance at HfG’s Media Art department, Archive Talks IV hosts Filipa César, focusing on her decade long artistic research and practice on the post-colonial film archives at Guinea-Bissau.

Luta ca caba inda is a Creole expression which means “The struggle is not over yet”. It is also the title of an unfinished film in a Guinean film archive, thus cursing the accomplishment of the film, of the struggle for decolonisation, and eventually of their project, too. They appropriated the title and its curse for a series of screenings and dialogues aiming at channeling the contents of the fragmentary corpus and welcoming its conflicts. “They” here means the Guinean filmmakers and the crowd that built an alliance from the first cataloguing of the materials in Bissau, through the digitisation in Berlin, up to the participation in multiple screenings and discussions in dozens of locations during the past four years. Luta ca caba inda has shown itself as an irrelevant irreverent force that claims: I am not from yesterday.

In a humble process of restitution of the images and their archiving, César and the Guinean filmmakers aim to give the images back to their people. Instead of cultural appropriation or commodification through the art market, they are dedicated to the revitalization of the archives in order to build cine-kinship, as Guinean revolutionary Amílcar Cabral had in prospect when he commissioned these films. Archive Talks invites the HfG community to welcome Filipa Cesar and to discuss together how to learn and unlearn from the past.

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