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Congratulations to HfG student Kiyu Nishida! He received the the Finalists’ Award in the Category Student/Interactive at the Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA. He has been awarded for his work „Communication+“. Project adviser were Dr. Paul Modler and Dr. Markus Noisternig.

“Communication+” is the interactive audio/visual piece premiered in 2018 at the Karlsruhe Museum Night (KaMuNa). This piece explores the sense of immersion — the relationship between virtual and real world — using web virtual reality (VR) provided through audience members’ smartphone and 3D audio played back over a speaker dome in a concert situation.
Before the piece started, the audience members connected their smartphones to a web application. The VR video was played back on it, synchronizing with an ambisonic sound piece played back over a speaker dome. To provide the sense of immersion in VR, 3D icons which represent audience positions in a concert hall in real world were shown on the virtual world. Also, the color of icons changed based on the sound and the position.

Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA was established to encourages the creation of digital contents that combine top-notch technology with Asian sensibility. The competition strives to spread the notion of “high-level artistic expression based on logical thinking” by recognizing digital contents creators who represent Asian culture. Award-Winners' Exhibition "2018 Asian Digital Art Awards Exhibition FUKUOKA" was held at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan from February 7 to February 12, 2019.
Interactive category invites works with applying media technology and adopting interactivity, focusing on mutual relationship such as "human and machine" or "human and human" (Performing art or installation art).

More information about Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA:
Explanation video of ’Communication+' by Kiyu Nishida:

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