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© Sophie Eckhardt

Exhibition »Wir sehen uns im Zwischenraum« (we see each other in the interspace) at GEDOK Karlsruhe from 12 to 16 October.
HfG students Cristina Vinke (media art) and Sophie Eckhardt (communication design) will show a small selection of their work.

12 to 16 October
Wednesday to Friday 17-19 h
Saturday 18-20 h
Sunday 14-16 h

GEDOK Karlsruhe Künstlerinnenforum
Markgrafenstr. 14 / Fritz-Erler-Strasse

Before recognition there is seeing. Seeing needs distance. A distance from the object, from the other person, so that light can enter the pupil, so that the lens can focus. Seeing needs distance, recognition needs difference. But how much difference is helpful, how much similarity useful?

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