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This presentation features a conversation between Lama el Khatib (FU Berlin/HKW Berlin) and Sami Khatib (HfG Karlsruhe) on Fredric Jameson’s influential concept “Cognitive Mapping” (1990) and invites a broader debate on artistic and theoretical strategies of a cultural critique of postmodernity and late capitalism. Relying on architecture, urban planning and cultural studies, Jameson proposed a spatial reading of the unrepresentability of the gap between individual experience and one’s “objective” position within society. How do I map my position in my everyday life-world vis-à-vis what Jameson calls “social totality”? The conversation is part of Sami Khatib’s seminar "Aesthetics of the Sensuous Supra-Sensuous” (SoSe 2022 at HfG), which explores conceptual constellations that undermine the conventional differentiation between sensuousness and (spiritual-conceptual) supra-sensuousness.

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