Neno, Saniye and Hêvîn are Kurdish women from three generations. Neno is the grandmother of the director. She is the mother of eleven children and commutes between Germany and Turkey. She follows the political events in her homeland with a clear attitude. Saniye runs a small neighborhood café in Berlin and dreams of one day living in her birthplace in Turkey. She realizes that she must be willing to take risks if she wants to return to a country of political unrest and crisis. Hêvîn, the youngest protagonist, wants to become an actress and is politically active. But during her studies, she doesn't have much time to fight against the oppression of the Kurdish minority.

Filmmaker Serpil Turhan conducted intensive conversations with Neno, Saniye and Hêvîn over a period of three years, which provide deep insights into their feelings and thoughts. Set against the backdrop of political changes in Turkey, "Köy" tells the story of the decisions the three women make for themselves and how life responds to them. Neno, Saniye and Hêvîn do not meet in the film, but in their common questions about self-determination and belonging their stories intertwine. A multi-layered film about the longing for belonging, home and security - and about the freedom of the ego.

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