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Photo: Cédric Weber

The "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft" grants 343,000 Euro for the project Designing Habits. The Digital Image as Application (Matthias Bruhn, 2023-2025) in the DFG priority program "The Digital Image".

After the previous project dealt with the ability of new frahling processes to react to changing perspectives and contexts in real time under the concept of adaptivity, the follow-up project will reverse the line of vision and investigate how ways of seeing and acting are preformed by digital image technologies.
Above all, the technologies built into mobile devices, which allow an unimagined simplicity in the production and circulation of images and have risen to become a quasi-verbal means of communication, indicate a fundamentally changed approach to the image. The latter is increasingly absorbed in its functionality.

Online access to the first volume of the series Concepts of the Digital Image: Adaptivity

Likewise, the exhibition After the Metaverse was created within the framework of the DFG priority program.

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