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Artistic research, design, art studies and media philosophy are created at the HfG Karlsruhe in changing constellations of participating actors.

This polyphonic dialogue between teachers, students and guests, which extends far beyond the walls of the building, is now made accessible to an international audience by the online journal UMBAU.

With bi-weekly, predominantly English-language articles, UMBAU presents contemporary projects from the fields of art, design and theory, framed within annually changing editorial themes.

The first issue of the journal - "Political Bodies" - asks about aspects of the political in relation to bodies: what do we understand by bodies and can they ever be neutral?
Exclusive contributions from scientists, artists, philosophers, designers and choreographers from the HfG Karlsruhe network can now be found at

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Editors: Ariana Dongus, Charlotte Eifler, Friederike Schäfer and Katharina Weinstock.
In collaboration with: Isabelle Konrad, George MacBeth, Johanna Schäfer.

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