aspect-ratio 10x9 Documenting the moment IV - Performances with Maria and Horst von Bolla, Heidi Herzig, Alper Kazokoğlu

Documenting the moment IV - Performances with Maria and Horst von Bolla, Heidi Herzig, Alper Kazokoğlu, Photo: Jihye Jang

It is pretty clear what you have to do to get into the HfG Karlsruhe: submit an application.

But what do you need to do to get out of it?

According to the current examination regulations of the HfG Karlsruhe, in order to be able to graduate from the school, a copy or the documentation of the graduation project or master thesis needs to be submitted to the relevant department secretary. Hence archiving becomes the last step necessary in order to leave the institution. Without putting the copy or the documentation into the archive, it is not possible to graduate. If archiving and documentation are part of the study and practice of art, how do we deal with that?

The panel series Documenting the Moment starts from this essential question which is so crucial for our present and work. We discuss about how to document and archive our various flows of practice and our bodies of work. What is worth saving and keeping? Which are the suitable media for that? How can we counter conservation problems? What will happen to those documentation files and recordings in the long run? We realize that a digital platform for archiving as well as a “portal” for feeding archive content into the analog space of the HfG is more than necessary.

As research based artistic process or research as artistic practice become more and more relevant in the art world, the documentation itself becomes more and more the artwork itself, as the process gains greater importance than its results. At the light of this shift, rethinking and reimagining archival practices draw peculiar attention. Documenting the Moment reacts to this urgency, revisiting the works and practices developed within the HfG Karlsruhe in the past 30 years. Setting up a dialogue between students and alumni from all departments, Documenting the Moment focuses on ‘how-tos’ of archiving with regard to shared urgencies, necessities and responsibilities.

We started Documenting the Moment in the summer semester 2022. In the winter semester 2022/2023, we will continue to pose these and other questions, and to develop the framework for HfG’s digital archiving infrastructure.

Documenting the Moment is hosted by the HfG Open Resource Center (ORC).

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