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The two-day physical computing workshop "Let’s make some noise!" will be led by Alessandro Squatrito and Tommaso Laterza, interaction designer and creative technologist at Frog design Munich.
Sound and movement are two fundamental variables for engaging an interaction that involves in a complete and complex way and as in physics and chemistry, an action corresponds to a change in a new state. The theme of the workshop is movement that produces sound. Arduino microprocessors will be used to control actuators (servo and stepper motors) from which the students will produce a sound. In groups, students will create small sound machines capable of transforming the movement of one or more motors into sounds.

The workshop will take place on June 27th and 28th from 10 am in the Glaskubus. It is open to all students interested in technology and interaction design, it is essential to bring your own personal computer and objects, tools and anything that can create a sound when moved or exposed to a movement.

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