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On Friday, the 16.06 at 4.30pm we will have a panel talk with Andra Jurj and Lena Geerts of the Driving the HUman Project AlternaA, who are joined by the collective Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson from Iceland, who are working within contemporary art, animal studies, human geography, museology and the environmental sciences. As a counterpart in talking about the far north Dr. Heiko Goelzer, Senior Researcher at the NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, specialized in ice sheets and their interaction with other components of the Earth system. Here we will talk the lineages between Art, Design and Sciences and how to interact with each other and the multifold non-human entities of the north.

Andra Pop-Jurj & Lena Geerts; Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson; Dr. Heiko Gölzer

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