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Severin Geißler has been selected for the shortlist of this year's Public Voting of the German Design Graduates Scholarship with his diploma project Spuren Folgen.

Also this year, three workshop scholarships for the Design Campus Dresden Summer School, which takes place between July and the end of August, will be awarded as part of the German Design Graduates Initiative. This year's Summer School THE SCHOOL OF PHYTO-CENTRED DESIGN was curated by studio d-o-t-s.

Here go directly to the voting and even more info.

The voting runs from 07.03 - 31.03.2023.

More info about Spuren Folgen by Severin Geißler:

The website Spuren Folgen explores the phenomenon of product transparency as an urgent field of activity and research for visual design. How transparent can a product be? How much information can be gathered about an object and which visual strategies are suitable to create transparency through communication? Using the example of a pair of shoes, a "deep mapping" is undertaken by observing the production processes, disassembling the shoe into individual parts, tracing the materials and speculating on its end of life. A digital representation of the shoe is created in the form of a website that unfolds its economic, environmental and social implications.

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