Location: Kinemathek, Kaiserpassage 6, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany.

The annual tour concert of students, alumni and friends of the HfG Karlsruhe presents recent works at the Kinemathek Karlsruhe.

Students in seminars taught by Okkyung Lee, Paul Modler, and Lorenz Schwarz have explored various practices in dealing with digitality, interfaces, and sound, and have developed concepts for performance, sound art, and composition.

Performances include live electronics, fixed media, audio-visual projections and live performances.

Participants: Siting Chen, Zulfikar Filandra, Anna-Lina Helsen, Theo Herbst, Tina Jander, Jihye Jang, Hoin Ji, Dohi Kim, Sangyi Lee, Daniel Lythgoe, Matthew Pratt, Yifan Su, Eveline Vervliet, Niko Völzow, Yudong Wang, Le Yang, Yerim Yoo, Rui Zhang, Yunfei Zhang

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