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The Karlsruhe University for Arts and Design will be hosting the exhibition "WALKING AROUND THE SUN. Machines, spiders and buccaneers", a project curated by Eduarda Neves, in which also Prof. João Tabarra and students of the HfG Karlsruhe are involved.
The exhibition is presented in several art spaces in which the artists work on a site-specificity basis. It wanders through Europe: to Vienna, Athens, Porto and Lisbon, now hosted by the HfG Karlsruhe. Afterwards it will be shown again in Porto. Taking the exhibition context in consideration, while simultaneously approaching the multiple senses of the notion EUROPE, the exhibition seek to establish a dialogue between the fields of art, philosophy and politics.

Participating artists and Students:
Amarante Abramovici, Ana Guimarães and Tiago Veloso, Bartoz Dolhun, João Tabarra, Manuel Santos Maia, Reinhold Zisser, Sérgio Leitão, Jun Eun Lee, Felix Krause, Moriz Frank, Georg Baur, Nelly Corstenweckel, Anina Land, Maria Kirch, Bárbara Acevedo, Charlotte Nies, Justin Urbach, Leander Kurscheidt, Sholeh Mohammadi

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aspect-ratio 10x9

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