Practice Talks "Metaverse" Fri., 25.11.2022, 3 pm
Exhibition opening Fri., 25.11.2022, 6 pm Exhibition duration 26.11. - 06.01.2022

Karlsruhe State University of Art and Design
Atrium 3-4 / ground floor, Lorenzstr. 15, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany
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Mon-Fri 10-20 h
Sat 10-13 h
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"After the Metaverse"

The metaverse is becoming synonymous with the linking of physical and digital environments, but assessments and forecasts vary. For some, the metaverse is part of a long media tradition of illusory and fantasy realities; for others, it claims to be the "next medium" after the smartphone and mobile computing. In its technical realization, however, it is still a prototype.
The question of whether the metaverse is a recapitulation of the past, the current present, or merely a promise of the future is addressed in the exhibition "After the Metaverse" with interpretations and found objects from forays through hybrid, interactive environments. Access to the phenomenon of the metaverse is negotiated in the sense of artistic research by revealing its concrete manifestations.
Exhibited are a total of five positions from art as well as scenography, product and communication design. The illustrator Josephine Rais visualizes the interweaving of digital and physical spaces. Artist Nadja Buttendorf's online library offers alternative designs for digital bodies in virtual spaces. Together with Johannes Bauer, Teresa Häußler and Ludwig Stengel, Lydia Kähny illustrates aesthetic phenomena of the metaverse in scenographic settings and video sequences.

On the occasion of the exhibition opening, we discuss digital practices of designing, theater, planning, and curating in the "Metaverse" interviews with experienced professionals. In them, we address the increasing intersection of physical and digital spaces: what narrative and scenographic strategies does theater in digital spaces require? What new design possibilities does designing in virtual reality open up? How do 4D images change the physical experience of architecture? What curatorial concepts link digital and physical exhibition spaces?

The exhibition is produced at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, as part of the DFG priority program "The Digital Image" in the project "Adaptive Images. Technology and Aesthetics of Situational Imaging".

Exhibition "After the Metaverse"
Lydia Kähny
Johannes Bauer
Nadja Buttendorf
Teresa Häußler
Josephine Rais
Ludwig Stengel

Research Group "Adaptive Images
Matthias Bruhn
Katrin Friedrich
Lydia Kähny
Moritz Queisner

Vincent Becher
Luis Ruettiger

Program, 25.11.2022
Exhibition opening with practical discussions

State University of Design Karlsruhe
atrium 3-4 / ground floor, Lorenzstr. 15, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany

Participation in presence and online (via Zoom)
Registration for digital participation (via Eventbrite).

Practice Talks "Metaverse
15.00 Metaverse introduction - Moritz Queisner
15.15 Practical talk "Designing" with Carolin Höfler (Professor of Design Theory and Research, Köln International School of Design)
15.45 Practical discussion "Theater" with Franziska Ritter (Representative for Digitality and New Technologies, Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft)
16.15 Break
16.30 Practical talk "Planning" with Thomas Schüler (CEO, Halocline GmbH)
17.00 Practical talk "Curating" with Anika Meier (columnist, art scholar, curator)
17.30 Closing & reception on site

18.00 Opening of the exhibition - Lydia Kähny

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