Courses of Study

aspect-ratio 10x9 Poster installation by communication design students and professors (2017)

Poster installation by communication design students and professors (2017), Photo: Evi Künstle (© HfG Karlsruhe)

Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design defines itself as a university of independence and of sovereign authorship. Heterogenous openness and interdependent relations of praxis and theory are mottos for its teaching and learning. The university perceives itself as a generator of surprises. Through exciting, unexpected intellectual and aesthetic encounters, it offers an education that encourages young, talented people to seek out their abilities, critically reflect and to gradually professionalize them.

The students will be offered a great deal of freedom to build their studies themselves. Trans-disciplinary learning is encouraged in the project studies practiced from the first semester. Students from all areas of study work together in practical as well as theoretical tasks. Each student will receive a well-founded and diverse professional education through courses, seminars, workshops, excursions, and lectures. The board of the university is currently working on an integrated year of basics that will count towards a common basic qualification.

It is only possible to study art and design if each student is perceived as an individual and if they are able to participate in the work process. This can only happen if the professors have the capacity to care for each individual and their particular abilities. In small groups and through project-based work, students will have access to optimal support.

A dynamic renewal of artistic, design and theoretical concepts are ensured in practical programs by professorships limited to a few years. Learning objectives, learning content and learning processes are constantly redefined through respective professors. The necessary continuity is kept through a small group of committed professors and academic staff who are engaged long-term.

HfG Karlsruhe has a network of great minds ranging from art, design, philosophy and the sciences as well as cooperations with national and international institutions in the areas of theater, museum, art, design, publishing, radio and film. The network was on the one hand generated by the founding history of the university through outstanding teachers and students, while on the other, it appeared out of many years of working together with the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM). Students immediately profit from the resulting varied cooperation opportunities with exciting lectures that are often connected to praxis.

The high number of successful graduates with national and international awards is the best proof for the excellent praxis-based and inter-disciplinary teaching at the university. These are not modular, instead they take place in the classic format of the Diplom and Magister.