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22. November // 18:00 Uhr // Lichtbrücke

How does life continue after graduation from the HfG? How do HfG alumni work and live? What alternative forms of production and practice exist in times marked by fragility and precarity? Do alumni networks function in a solidary way? DtM VIII presents several professional working collectives that have emerged around the HfG, focusing on their different modes of working and archiving together.

Duos, collectives and collaborations are popular in the art and design world not only as a form of production, but also as a practice of solidarity and survival in challenging times. The independent individual and the artist ego have become less important in today’s world, where multitude and diversity have become the key strategies for action.

For the eighth edition of Documenting the Moment. the ORC invites three alumni associations from different fields. Ato is an artist and art agent cooperative that develops alternative marketing structures for the art market and whose members include media artists, art historians and media theorists, communication and product designers. Gruppo Due is a group of communication design alumni who, in addition to their individual studios, also research, produce, and exhibit together. Filmwerk Kalliope is not a film production company but an singular association that provides an umbrella for many alumni of Media Art and Film, whose collaborations go back to their student years.

Norina Quinte from ato, Marie Falke and Gerrit Kuge from Filmwerk Kalliope e.V. and Bruno Jacoby and Jonas Grünwald from Gruppo Due will present their practices and positions, providing insights into their challenging and inspiring forms of working together.

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