aspect-ratio 10x9 "Tide" by Christina Scheib

"Tide" by Christina Scheib, Photo: Lisa Bergmann

Once again this year, outstanding works by our students were honored by the ZKM/HfG Fördergesellschaft. We are very pleased that the jury in its meeting particularly emphasized the high artistic quality of the works. Our warmest congratulations to all our award winners and special thanks to our sponsoring society for their tireless commitment!

The prizes in detail:

The Gunther Schroff Prize, endowed with 5000 EUR, goes to Christina Scheib (ADSZ) for her thesis "Tide".

A prize of the Fördergesellschaft, endowed with 2500 EUR goes to Karolina Sobel (MK) for her multimedia project "If U are Ok, I am Ok".

A prize of the Fördergesellschaft, 2500 EUR, also goes to Hanna Scherwinski (ADSZ) for her diploma thesis "WWWE".

Another prize of the Fördergesellschaft, 2500 EUR, is awarded to Tatjana Stürmer (KD) for "C at the End of A Line is A Whisper".

The BBBank prize, 1000 EUR, honors Minh Duc Pham's (MK) work "This is water is water is water".

The Heinrich Hertz-Prize (2000 EUR) goes this year to Jandra Böttger (KuPhi) for her work "Die Übung eines gesellschaftlichen Imaginären. Eine Untersuchung der Beteiligung der deutschen Bundesregierung an dem NATO-Manöver Fallex 66 (1966) hinsichtlich ihrer Modalität, Fiktionalität und Immersivität."

Barbara Acevedo Strange's (KD) work "The Nandus Footprint" is awarded the Achim-und-Melanie-Krämer Prize, endowed with 2000 EUR.

The Karlsruhe University Prize (1000 EUR) will be awarded to Béla Meiers (KD) for his thesis "whatstodo".


Dr. Marlene Angermeyer-Deubner, Fördergesellschaft ZKM / HfG, Jury Chair
Prof. Dr. Georg Vrachliotis, Professor of Architectural Theory, KIT
Dr. Andreas Beitin, Director Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Dr. Anja Casser, Director Badischer Kunstverein
Philipp Ziegler, Curatorial Department ZKM
Margit Rosen, ZKM

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