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Photo: Wendell Teodoro

Friday, 17.Nov 2023 // 20.00 // HfG Lichthof
Saturday, 18. Nov 2023 // 20.00 // HfG Lichthof

World premiere

The choreography "Friends of Forsythe ", developed especially for the festival and ZKM, is a collaboration between renowned choreographer William Forsythe and a group of outstanding dancers, including Rauf "Rubberlegz" Yasit, Lex Ishimoto, Riley Watts, Brigel Gjoka and the JA Collective (Aidan Carberry & Jordan Johnson). The piece explores the roots and origins of folk dance, hip-hop, and ballet, showcasing the dancers' diverse backgrounds and expressions through their physical communication on stage.

The choreography serves as an expression of the power of movement as a universal language capable of breaking down cultural barriers and connecting people from different walks of life. It is emphasized that movement and dance not only have cultural significance, but also possess a transformative power that can bring people together on a deep level.

In a fascinating dialogue, the dancers delve into the similarities and differences of their respective dance styles, celebrating the unique ways in which each style can be embraced and evolved. The choreography weaves a vibrant tapestry of storytelling that transcends the boundaries of traditional dance forms and highlights the diversity and possibilities that arise when different dance styles blend harmoniously.

"Friends of Forsythe " thus celebrates the diversity of dance cultures and the profound language of dance. It is a stunning example of how the art of dance can connect people of different backgrounds and styles, and it shows the power and beauty that lies in movement and the blending of different dance traditions.

Curated by William Forsythe and Rauf “Rubberlegz” Yasit
Choreography William Forsythe, Rauf “Rubberlegz” Yasit, Lex Ishimoto, Riley Watts, Brigel Gjoka, Aidan Carberry and Jordan Johnson (Ja Collective)
Performance Rauf “Rubberlegz” Yasit, Lex Ishimoto, Riley Watts, Brigel Gjoka, Matt Luck and Jordan Johnson
Technical Consultant Niels Lanz
Tour management & Int. Distribution Plan B – Creative Agency for Performing Arts Hamburg

Duration Approx. 60 min.

All further information is available on the website of the ZKM

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