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Within the framework of HfG Karlsruhe’s 30th anniversary, the Summer School of Bio Design Lab invites participants to create probable, plausible and speculative future narratives of cohabitation. With rising temperatures and CO2 levels, as well as the declining health of our ecosystem, we are forced to reevaluate our co-existence on this planet. We ask ourselves: What will life in the future look like? And is there still a place for us?
Both design and designers play a central role in exploring these critical questions. Designers can challenge the outdated concepts of infinite sourcing, producing and consuming whereas design can portray complex information in an accessible form. From future material mining to terrestrial designing, from building materials to settling on different planets - participants together with inspiring designers, architects and theoreticians will work on proposed research questions in an experimental and hands-on manner.
Participants will explore parallel and partly interwoven program strands and form a bio-circular system by the end of the program. The five-day program offers workshops led by inspiring designers, architects and researchers followed by an open evening program with lectures, talks, panel discussions and performances.

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Website: Future of Life Summer School

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