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Photo: Zaza Barisch

HfG alumna Natalia Schmidt was able to convince with her design at the Art in Buildings competition of the Federal Court of Justice and won the second prize. She shares the place with Cim Jubke. First place in the competition was won by Sarah Degenhardt.

Natalia Schmidt was born in Munich and studied media art and scenography at the University of Design Karlsruhe from 2012/13 to 2017. Previously, she studied art history, philosophy and cultural studies in Karlsruhe & Berlin with Prof. Boris Groys (HfG Karlsruhe) and Prof. Christina von Braun (HU Berlin). Her artistic works are conceptual and process-oriented, often based on long-term research and observation. Boundaries between theory and practice become blurred. The choice of artistic medium in visual or spatial realization stems from her conceptual concerns. Her projects seek to evoke a sensory echo on the perceptual level, especially in relation to time, duration, history, memory, geography, nature and climate. The moment of "unresolved" - and never redemptive history - is the central moment of the investigations of her diploma project: "Ammunition Project: A composition on invisible hands".

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