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© Rebekka Scheib

HfG student Rebekka Scheib's pre-diploma film Risky Reality will be shown at the renowned international ENERGA-Camerimage-Festival. The film was made in cooperation with Boris Creimerman and was supervised by Fred Kelemen. Premiere is on 16.11.2023 in Tórun, Poland as part of the student section of the festival. The complete line-up can be found here.

All information about the festival can be found here.
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Risky Reality

To escape the loneliness of her anteless life, Leni (approx. 30) hacks into her neighbors' computers and witnesses an escalating conflict between two parties.

Director, screenplay and production: Rebekka Scheib
Cinematography and color: Boris Creimerman
Supervision: Fred Kelemen

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