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In cooperation with the Artificial Museum and HELLERAU, students of the HfG Karlsruhe approached critically the conventional notion of theft using digital artifacts. This seminar entitled 'Theft as Political Strategy' was led by Charlotte Eifler in the summer semester 2022. Theft as a potential moment of disorder, re-sorting and power shifting intertwines here with the transfer of culturally charged objects into the public sphere through AR. The artistic works of David Marcelino Cayetano & Alejandra Janus, Jule Köpke, Wiebke Müller, Luise Peschko, Janis Zeckai and Charlotte Eifler deal with themes of looted art, theft of time, shoplifting communities and notions of inflation.

Together the selected artists will give an insight into their working process and the idea and community around the Artificial Museum [ARM] on October 21 at 7:00 pm.

David Marcelino Cayetano & Alejandra Janus

Jule Köpke & Luise Peschko
Waiting Room

Wiebke Müller
Cute Shoplifters

Janis Zeckai
Inflation Nation

Charlotte Eifler
The Grid

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