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The HFG OPEN RESOURCE CENTER invites you to the lecture of teixidora (Mònica Garriga Miret and David Gómez Fontanills): - Weaving with semantic wiki platform

16/02/2022, 5 - 7 pm

Teixidora aims to facilitate tools, technologies, methodologies and processes to collectivize stories through collaborative and open documentation of events, content and data, while promoting its re-use and re-elaboration.
It is a semantic wiki platform, as well as bot applications that allow importing and exporting content from collaborative “pad” documents and other formats.
It is used for event coverage, by facilitating collaborative documentation, conducted by teams of rapporteurs and, occasionally, teams of volunteers. It is available for organizations that want to use it, open their documentation and interconnect it with other content.
The team is made up of femProcomuns working partners and external collaborators with experience in taking notes and using Teixidora. Information in the wiki is structured in pages for events documentation (through note-taking), related among them through metadata (key words, mentioned projects, organizations and individuals).

The lecture will take place online in English as part of the course A CONVIVIAL TECHNOLOGY.

Mònica Garriga Miret is a member of the cooperative femProcomuns, where she contributes to different commons-oriented initiatives, mainly (documentation platform), Transitant (transition programs and actions for collaborative projects), CommonsCloud (a collectively owned cloud platform) or XOIC (citizen owned and managed IoT network). Master in Communications and Law graduate, she worked as a foreign correspondent for 12 years, and is still exploring ways of using journalism/communication, law, economy and any other tools for people to organize and generate change ourselves.

David Gómez Fontanills is a working partner of femProcomuns cooperative, where he participates primarily in Teixidora and CommonsCloud platforms, as well as in the activities of the Group Transitant (transitioning) with training, workshops, support for projects and methodologies for transiting to commons models. He is active in promoting the use of free licenses and, as part of the association Amical Wikimedia, he promoted the creation of illustrations and infographs for Wikipedia by students of art schools. He is a member of the Art collective TAG Taller d'Intangibles, whose artistic practice, especially between 1996 and 2011, revolved around intervention in public space,, technological appropriation and collective creation. He studied Fine Arts and later did the master in Knowledge and Information Society at UOC, he also conducted online ethnographic research on practices of political participation and collective creation.

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