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We are looking forward to Arjuna Neuman, our first guest in the series of WRITING WORKSHOPS, in which we invite people from the fields of literature, journalism, art and film to the HfG for an evening lecture and workshop.

Evening Lecture: „Writing Under the Influence of Music“
June 15 // 7 pm // HfG Karlsruhe // room 112 // in english

Arjuna Neuman (London) wanted to be first a DJ and later a poet – he ended up making art in a way that calls on these two first passions. For the evening lecture he will move through his ten-year art practice, specifically focusing on the way music and writing continue to hold a place in his thinking, making and imagining. Elsewhere he has described his practice as rooted in the essay form, where essay originally means “to try; to experiment”. He will build on this literary characterization by unpacking the lyrical, rhythmic, and confessional modes that also shape his work.

Workshop: mit Arjuna Neuman
June 16 // 9 am - 1 pm // HfG Karlsruhe // room 112 // in english

In this workshop – we will explore the ways we can call on music (especially as an archive of feelings) to help us write, and think, and dream, and speculate on how the world might be more tender, might be rendered otherwise. The workshop will look at writing and editing in the expanded sense, to include multimedia writing, writing for film and video, traditional essays and more experimental literary forms like album liners and playlist notes. Participants will bring a few songs, and during the workshop we will experiment with different ways of writing in and around the songs that are particularly meaningful.

Arjuna’s latest essay on UMBAU

This event is organized by Katharina Weinstock/department of art research and media philosophy.

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