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The Critical Ecologies lecture series on sustainable thinking and acting in the performative arts was created in collaboration with Nadia Fistarol / Szenischer Raum at the ZHdK in Zurich and will continue online in WS 23-24.

The zoom link will be sent via circular email.

29.11. // 5:30-7 pm
Sebastiaan Baar, Circulair Designer, Groningen, Niederlande

Sebastiaan Baar's design studies at Minerva University focused on research and design within the Innovation Hub East Groningen (IHOG), where he incorporated local resources into his designs. Hemp, potato starch and magnesium from the region form the core of his experimental exploration.

Circulair designer

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18.10. 5:30-7 pm Chris Gilmour
1.11. 5:30-7 pm Dr. Birgit Wiens
15.11. 5:30-7 pm Annette Baumast
29.11. 5:30-7 pm Sebastiaan Baar

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