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Lecture by Judith Milz

Thursday, August 18, 7:30 pm:

On the occasion of the HfG anniversary, there will be a lecture by Judith Milz as part of the WERKstattPALAST.

Judith Milz is an artist and studied at the HfG Karlsruhe. In her lecture, she will approach the questions of what artists actually are and where their place is in society. With a view to her own artistic practice, she will open up a personal perspective on being an artist and the role of art.

Talk with HfG Alumnae

Saturday, August 20, 3 pm:
On the occasion of the HfG anniversary, there will be a talk round with Jan Kage (gallery owner), Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz (journalist) and Judith Milz (artist) at WERKstattPALAST. Moderated by Lisa Bergmann (artist, photographer and curator).

"What's the point of art?" Is art a necessary component for society? Especially in times of crisis, the question is repeatedly asked what significance art has for the cohesion and existence of people. It is a part of social (infra-)structures, but is it also perceived as such? Gallery owner Jan Kage, journalist Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz and artist Judith Milz will discuss the necessity of art and the structures in which it is located at the WERKstattPALAST in Kalrsruher Rheinhafen. The discussion will be moderated by curator, photographer and artist Lisa Bergmann. With the two HfG alumnae Judith Milz and Lisa Bergmann, the talk is part of the program of the 30th anniversary of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe.

WERKstattPALAST opens in Karlsruhe in mid-August - a 10-week arts and science festival that takes place in the industrial area of the Rhine harbor.

Location: WERKstattPALAST, An der Anlegestelle, Karlsruhe Rhine Harbor.

From August to October, WERKstattPALAST places a flying architecture in the Karlsruhe harbor, showing how it can be made accessible to an urban society. From a variety of perspectives, WERKstattPALAST addresses the topic of (infra-)STRUCTURE. You can expect insights into 30 artistic positions (from Baden-Württemberg and all over Germany), continuous music program, workshops, dialogues and an emerging network. On-site catering will be managed by DeliBurgers. A Karlsruhe-based company known for processing sustainable and regional products.

WERKstattPALAST is coordinated by two very different regional partners: the Innovation Hub of KIT (Karlsruhe), led by Prof. Gerdes, which advocates for more sustainable infrastructures, and ato, an art platform that calls for change in the art system (Berlin and Karlsruhe). Norina Quinte is responsible for the conception and management of the project.

All partners share the firm conviction that, after two years of pandemic, we should engage in interdisciplinary exchange and that this is the only way to develop forward-looking perspectives. It is also very important to them to open up the Rhine harbor in Karlsruhe in terms of cultural policy and to establish it as an area where art and culture meet science and industry.
13.08. to 15.10.2022

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