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Photo: "A New Environment - Heinrich Klotz on Architecture and New Media" (© Private Archive of the family Klotz)

The platform founded by Prof. Răzvan Rădulescu, Dr. Christine Reeh-Peters and Prof. João Tabarra in spring 2019 offers artistic, organizational and financial support. Laura Morcillo, Academic Assistant at the Department of Media Art, is the curator and lead coordinator of the Zeitbild-Lab. Students can apply for funding for their projects in several annual pitches. Guests from the cinephil film industry and the international art scene are also invited: for example, Cíntia Gil - director of the DocLisboa documentary film festival - and Miguel Ribeiro - programme coordinator - were last summer in Karlsruhe.

Christian Haardt's graduation film "A New Environment - Heinrich Klotz on Architecture and New Media" is a portrait of the founder of the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG), the ZKM and the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt. His remarkable and visionary ideas are discussed using archive materials. Based on the reconstruction of the German old towns after the Second World War, the art historian Heinrich Klotz was concerned with regaining a sensual experience in architecture and art. Against the radical demands of an all-renewing functional architecture and for a postmodern architecture passing through the kitsch, he elevated furthermore computer games and virtual realities to works of art.

The film was made possible by funds from the Förderverein ZKM/HfG e.V., the Riemschneider Foundation and the Zeitbild-Lab. He celebrates his world premiere in the international competition of the Documentary Film Festival doclisboa.

Here is the link to the festival, with trailer of the film:

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