aspect-ratio 10x9 Die Quetscherin

Die Quetscherin (© Carmen Westermeier)

"I'm thinking about getting under a professional squeezer. For those who do not know what this is, it is an extremely overweight woman who sits on you. All kinds of things, head, belly, etc. Do you think that would be worth an experience? Would you guys want to try this? Bit scared of the dangers, rib fractures and such..."

EXTRA BOLD is a project by interdisciplinary artist Carmen Westermeier at Paradoxon in Heidelberg. In this work, Westermeier presents, in her typical exploratory-critical manner, her results of a long-standing examination of the hyper(in)visibility of fat_fat bodies. Autobiographically, her multimedia installation leads us through the spheres of visibility and invisibility of normative notions of body and weight. Conceived as a collective process, the exhibition is complemented by an accompanying program in which one thing becomes increasingly clear: the image of the fat_fat body as a resistant actor.

09.01.22 - 29.01.22
Opening: 08.01. / 7 pm
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-7pm
Location: Paradoxon, Untere Straße 15, Heidelberg

Accompanying prorgam: www.extrabold
08.01. Vernissage with concert and DJs
15.01. Online discussion group "Weight discrimination viewed intersectionally".
18.01. Reading circle "The fear of the fat body".
22.01. Workshop "Encountering fat tissue"
01/25 Reading Circle "Racist Origins of Weight-Based Discrimination"
01/27 Reading Circle "Health at Every Size and Activism"
01/29 Finissage with concert and DJs.

Please note: The opening of the exhibit is dependent on the Corona location in January.
Online streams will be set up. Register via or

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