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As already last winter, Daniela Stöppel represents the interim professorship for Art Research and Media Theory in the summer semester 2020. Her courses are in the field of art studies, while Anatole Lucet covers the media philosophy part. Daniela Stöppel also teaches at the Institute of Art History at LMU Munich, where she has been employed since 2007.

Her research focuses on the theory and history of design and, in general, on the self-constitution of "modernity" in art and design. In 2008, she received her doctorate with a thesis on traffic signs, pictograms and colour coded signage systems, which deals with the extension of abstract visual languages to public space between 1910 and 1950. In her current research project on the French painter Gustave Courbet, whose concept of realism can also be regarded as constitutive for a "modernism" that seeks to define itself through formal aesthetic autonomy and at the same time demands the direct connection between art and life, she also explores the phenomena of the dissolution and expansion of "art". Daniela Stöppel also works as a curator (most recently: Otto Neurath. 5 Aktivierungen, Kunstraum München, 2019) and writes for the international art magazines Artforum International, spike, and frieze.

At the HfG, she is offering two seminars this semester: "Gender and Creativity" deals with the connection between gender and artistic production, and aims to come to a reflected analysis of contemporary aesthetic practice through an historical perspective. The second seminar is dedicated to "dynamic experience of space" and examines the techniques and functional effects of walking, strolling, and sauntering on the basis of source texts and re-enactments.

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