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Folkfarma is a weeklong workshop that seeks to imagine and materialize new definitions of what health and well-being might be when it is thought of as a restorative and mutually beneficial relationship to the land. Participants will gain a critical and regenerative perspective on material culture within the context of health and pharmacology, examining how issues surrounding the biopolitics and decoloniality of care are inextricably linked to local ecologies. Through experimental practices such as restorative foraging, DIY/DIT production techniques used in traditional healing practices, and by examining their own bodily relationships to the environment, participants will be invited to create new ways of folkfarming that focus on elements of the Karlsruhe bioregion.

Monday to Friday, September 6-10, 2021

Facilitated by Serina Tarkhanian and hosted by HfG Biol Design Lab (Julia Ihls in collaboration with Barbara Kuon)

Maximum 20 participants

Please register by August 30 by sending a mail to

Local natural areas, HfG’s biolab and outdoor public space (according to potentially shifting corona measures)

A list of specific site visits, handouts, materials, and supplies will be sent to all registered persons.

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