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Photo: Carmen Westermeier

Through a nomination by Susanne Kriemann, HfG alumna Carmen Westermeier has been selected for the Mulhouse 023 Biennale. From June 10 to 13, 2023, young contemporary creation will be in the spotlight here and can be discovered with numerous partner events in Mulhouse as well as in Freiburg. The Mulhouse Biennale is held every two years in parallel with Art Basel to promote young artists and to ensure a public understanding of contemporary artistic disciplines.

Here is more info and the program

Carmen Westermeier graduated from the University of Arts and Design in January 2022 and now lives in Stuttgart as a freelance, transdisciplinary artist. Here she also works as an academic assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart.

aspect-ratio 10x9 The artist Carmen Westermeier

The artist Carmen Westermeier, Photo: Carmen Westermeier

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