aspect-ratio 10x9 Film still: Girl in Uniform, 1931

Film still: Girl in Uniform, 1931 (© British Film Institute)

Cinema in the Blue Salon: Girls in Uniform

Germany in the early 1920s. Fourteen-year-old officer's daughter Manuela von Meinhardis sent to a girls' boarding school in Potsdam after the death of her mother. The strict Prussian drill and the lack of any warmth and affection make it difficult for the sensitive girl to submit. The only ray of hope is the understanding teacher Fräulein von Bernburg, who is popular with everyone. When Manuela falls in love with the young woman, she causes a scandal.

Germany 1931, 98 minutes, 16mm
Director: Leontine Sagan
With Hertha Thiele, Dorothea Wieck, Emilia Unda
Supporting film: Do you have high school diploma - Director: Ula Stöckl, BRD 1965, 17 minutes, 35mm

Monday May 29, 2023, 7 p.m.
Blue Salon, Room 012, HfG Karlsruhe
Free admission

More About the film program in the summer semester:

After a long renovation break, the Blaue Salon opens its freshly painted doors again. From April to July, we always show a short pre-film on the last Monday of the month (mnemonic: Le-Mo-De-Mo), as well as a feature film in analog 16mm film projection.

24.04. In a year with 13 moons (1978)
29.05. Girl in Uniform (1931)
26.06. Casual Labor of a Slave (1973)
31.07. Portrait of a Drunkard (1979)

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aspect-ratio 10x9 Film still: Do you have high school diploma, 1931

Film still: Do you have high school diploma, 1931

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