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Lecture Ort als Nebeneinander / Steffi Wurster / 12.12.2022 / Middle Light Bridge / 6 pm

Places are under influence. They are the result of a political and social development. How can the complexity - the juxtaposition and overlapping of stories - and the different perspectives on a place be captured on film and related to each other? The questions that arise in documentary filmic work are relevant to a similar extent in the development of a spatial concept in theater. The stage, too, is a place where several spaces, levels of reality and forms of perception are present in parallel or one after the other. In the lecture, Steffi Wurster will use examples from her work practice as a stage designer and documentary filmmaker to talk about montages and spatial constellations in which the audience is invited to relate to the nesting of various cinematic and theatrical, real and virtual spaces.

Steffi Wurster is a stage designer and filmmaker living in Berlin. She studied fine arts at the University of Mainz and stage design at the Berlin University of the Arts. In addition to her scenographic works, Steffi Wurster develops interdisciplinary projects and videos. Since 2010, the mainly documentary film projects have repeatedly taken Steffi Wurster to Russia and Eastern Europe. Based on concrete locations, the visual research often deals with unresolved political conflicts and conflicting narratives. Since 2017, Steffi Wurster has been a lecturer at TU Berlin in the master's program Stage Design_Scenic Space.
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The event is part of the seminar Scenography in the present - artistic strategies for performative spatial designs, organized by Prof. Constanze Fischbeck, Ebba Fransén Waldhör and students of the Department of Exhibition Design and Scenography, as part of the 30th anniversary of the HfG.

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