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Photo: Evi Künstle (© HfG Karlsruhe)

95 million photos and videos are posted daily to Instagram alone. Any portable electronic device has a photo and video camera included. We are in a visual era, creating and sharing more images than ever before. How can a Cultural Institution propose an artistic program focused on images and its status now? My conference will present an overview of the Jeu de Paume's artistic program taking into account such notions as responsibility, engagement, digital, network, feminism, periphery, community, sharing knowledge, connections, micro histories, production, communication, space and body, attention and time…

Marta Ponsa is a curator and Head of artistic projects and public programs in Jeu de Paume (Paris) where she curates exhibitions, conferences and performances, together with cinema and video programs.

The talk will be in english.
30.05.18, 6:30pm, Lichtbrücke, first floor

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