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“Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future”


The UFO shaped Evoluon in Eindhoven was host
To progressive thinkers and makers of age thirty at most.
To envision a new born child´s future they joined powers
During a gathering of precisely twenty four hours.

Each decade of Rhoda´s future was assigned to one participant,
Who in further sessions and exercises dared to implement,
Scenarios of baby Rhoda´s needs and wishes in future life periods
Resulting in objects and stories quite surprising and serious.

For almost a hundred years some of these objects will wait
Dreaming of grown up Rhoda and quietly awaiting their fate.
What can we do to ensure that our gifts stay protected
From future hazards both feared and unexpected?

When the last gift is handed over in two thousand one hundred seven
all our ghosts will look down at this from heaven
So: Keeping these objects and take care of them. But how?
We reached out to Verband deutscher Self Storage Unternehmen e.V.

Enthusiastically was our inquiry met
Quickly within in the network it spread.
A Self Storage Provider called My place
Without hesitation send over a tin case.

One cubic meter in size is now to be filled
With nine gifts for Rhoda both inspired and skilled
In this capsule the artifacts sit protected and wait.
For one of these Rhoda receives every decade.

On Nikolaus day two thousand seventeen, four o´clock
A gathering to fit the container and put on the lock.
From HfG Karlsruhe´s Lichthof 3 to Berlin
The treasure chest`s travels into the future begin.

We* are honored to welcome you all
To witness this ceremony quite cheerful though small
Much appreciated your attendance despite snow and frost
To tell of this tale in case it gets lost.

*News from Nowhere is an exercise by Jules van den Langenberg and Katharina Wahl at HfG Karlsruhe with contributions by Jannik Lang, Rita Andrulyte, Valentin Pfister, Florian Knöbl, Max Viktor Herbert, Judith Milz, Vivian Reuter, Bruno Jacoby, Sören Göbel

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