With the second call for proposals of the project funding program UNESCO City of Media Arts, the Cultural Office of the City of Karlsruhe awarded a total of 97,815 euros to 14 media art projects. Twelve projects received funding as local public media art projects taking place in Karlsruhe, two projects received funding as international network activities serving to intensify networking, exchange and cooperation in the field of media art.

The project by architect, visual artist, and HfG professor Füsun Türetken called "Å Radio Roundtable" is an initiative that establishes the format of online radio and the form of podcast as a hybrid and alternative learning format. The platform serves to reflect on current discourses in which design, architecture, but also art often fall short.

In terms of content, this format is oriented towards the idea of collective, interdisciplinary work, practice and research. It broadcasts regularly, but also produces special broadcasts for specific occasions.

While the geometry of tables can reflect a (geopolitical) imbalance, Radio Roundtable, as an online radio, aims to encourage and enable inclusive, equal participation by, for example, incorporating a chat function. Integrated into the design of the Radio Roundtable is a camera with microphone in the center of the table. The film camera is a participatory element that is equipped with a long articulated rod. This allows those seated at the table to steer the camera, point it, and continue to rotate it around the table. Again and again the steering arm of the camera is passed on in continuous conversations and the camera is thus turned towards the people speaking. Everyone at the table is part of the direction, the discussion, and perhaps the performance.

The Å collective is always composed of different designers and artists depending on the project.

Concept, design and idea: Füsun Türetken, Kollektiv Å.

Thanks to Samuel Rynearson, Manus Nijhoff for web design.

Thanks to Kerstin Möller: sound woman, media artist and production consultant.

The project Å Radio Roundtable is initially financed by the Kulturamt Karlsruhe and Füsun Türetken.

Cooperation partner 2022: Bige Örer, Istanbul Foundation of Arts and Culture, IKSV Istanbul

With the kind support of the Kulturamt Karlsruhe
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