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© Moritz Schottmüller

Titel: Intonation-Sourcing-Bundling-Naming

[...] In the next and final chapter of my presentation, I will focus on the aspect that was most important for me in the making of this book. [...] It is precisely the moment when the field of graphic design intersects with the interest of publishing, and when these two disciplines align and are of equal importance. [...] on this connection between the content, the container of the content and the form of the container. [...] And the knowledge I have gained [...], these flakes of knowledge, are then further digested, contextualized, or visualized or made audible and accessible. [...] this always recalls a relation towards writing, reading, printing and distribution. [...]


Moritz Schottmüller founded Intonation-Sourcing-Bundling-Naming in 2021, a publishing framework that emerged from an interest in the full lifecycle of books, currently 2 books published. In 2020 he co-founded Laube, an artist run exhibition space in Karlsruhe, currently looking back on 21 exhibitions and performances. He is a founding member of Studio Latitude, a graphic design studio that started operating in 2021 and since then has sent 4 exhibition catalogues to press. Among their customers are: Kunstmuseum Reutlingen, Kunstverein Bad-Dürkheim, Kunstverein Worms, Galerie Knecht und Burster.