With the participation of alumni Dorothea Meyer (2005-2014), Natalia Schmidt (2013-2017) Judith Milz (2010-2018) and Felix Buchholz (2013-2018)

It is pretty clear what you have to do to get into HfG Karlsruhe: submit an application. But how do you get out?

According to HfG Karlsruhe’s current examination guidelines, in order to graduate from the school, a copy or the documentation of your graduation project or master’s thesis must be submitted to the relevant department secretary. Archiving therefore becomes the last necessary step to leave the institution. Without providing the archive with a copy of your work or its relative documentation, it is not possible to graduate. This begs the question: if archiving and documentation are part of the study and practice of art, how can we deal with this?

The panel series Documenting the Moment departs from this essential question, which defines and concretizes our present work. How can we document and archive the various flows of our practices and bodies of work? What is worth saving and keeping? Which media are suitable for this endeavor? How can we counter conservation problems? What will happen to these documentations and recordings in the long run?

At the second session of the DtM we are focusing on the HfG space itself as a medium is archivable. How do we live, study and work within and around this building? Does it leave its traces in or on us? Do our traces remain? Does the HfG reflect enough on its past? Is it really able to take its history apart? How can we deal with the violence and brutality produced here? Do the ghosts of the past haunt us?

The panel will be held in English and documented for archiving and publication purposes.