How can the performance be documented or can it be documented at all?
The question of how to capture a performance is still valid and it lies at the intersection of the body, sensorial experience and representation. The very labor of performance distinguishes it from other artistic disciplines and even within the field of performance arts, the performance exists as a challenge to mimicry, repeatability and staging. So how can we deal with the record of performance and with how to approach this kind of body of work? What is the value of these records, what do they (un)represent? What could the technique, medium and format of performance documentation be and what is it really all about? These questions arise in a present in which our shared digital reality dominates all forms of visual perception and in which experience has been reduced to a two-dimensional display surface. In this context how can we reach and relate to performance in an archival setting, in the absence of performers? The last edition of Documenting the Moment for this semester is dedicated to these questions. With the participation of HfG alumni spanning different generations, each is a living archive of the era in which they inhabited the school. Under the hot breeze of Rundgang 2022 you’re invited to join us, to enhance and expand the discussion further.

Participating Alumni: Maria und Horst von Bolla, Heidi Herzig, Alper Kazokoğlu