aspect-ratio 10x9 Ada vs Emin, Hannah Cooke, courtesy of the artist

Ada vs Emin, Hannah Cooke, courtesy of the artist

It is pretty clear, what you have to do to get into HfG Karlsruhe: submit an application. But how do you get out?

The panel series Documenting the Moment departs from this essential question, which defines and concretizes our present as well as our work. How can we document and archive the various flows of our practices and bodies of work? What is worth saving and keeping? Which media are suitable for this endeavour? How can we approach and counter problems of conservation? In the long run, what will happen to these documentations and recordings?

Throughout the 2022 summer semester, the ORC team has established a vivid discussion around DtM, inviting alumni from different generations, departments and backgrounds to present their work and discuss their ways and methods of documenting and archiving. From the very history of the building to filmmaking, from performance to collective practices, we tried to open up various aspects of archiving work and further the discourse.

The second episode of DtM kicks off with an attempt at a feminist historiography of the HfG. How can we rewrite the present narrative of the University from a female perspective? What can we (un)learn with and through a proto-feminist methodology? With HfG alumnae guests Hannah Cooke and Anne Vortisch, we will approach transgenerational practices and struggles and try to establish a dialogue in this field.