Chain Reaction – A Real Fiction is a collective work based on a fragment from the film, "F for Fake” by Orson Wells. This fragment contains a larger field of questions that are important in the potential contemporary fields of life, death, extinction, value, truth and fake.

“[...] and this is standing here for centuries, the premier work of man perhaps in all western world and it's without signature, a celebration to Gods glory and to dignity of man, all that's left must start to fill these days as man, naked poor forked radish, there aren't  any celebrations , ours the signs that keep telling us the universe wish is disposable [...] our works in stone in paint in print are speared for a few decades or a millennium or two [...] the triumphs and the frauds, the treasures and the fakes a fact of life, we're going to die [...] doesn't matter all that much [...]”
(Excerpt from “F for Fake", Orson Wells)

The words of Welles facilitate a point of departure and reference for a narrative interpretation. The students were invited to reflect upon this excerpt and each film a three to five minutes piece, in turn reflecting upon the previous colleagues’ pieces. The objective was to achieve a "fluent" narrative conceived in a reaction to each other’s film fragments.

Participants: Nelly Corsten, Zichen Xu, Meret Bhend, Lauren Leis, Maria Kirch, Rayna Teneva, Sungyoung Kim, Sophie Reißfelder, Nino Alonso, Marco Kempf, Alexander Thelen

Tutor: Professor João Tabarra