The Manhattan Bar is an empty shop space on Amalienstraße 53 handed over to a group of students at HfG Karlsruhe for their own use until the summer. The students organized various events alone or in collaboration with interested people.

Manhattan Bar is all of these:

  • The Manhattan Bar on Amalienstraße 53
  • A pub with readings and slide lectures by Judtih Milz
  • A book shop with publications of students at HfG Karlsruhe
  • A television studio for a talk show
  • A concert hall hosting Sloe Paul
  • A meet & greet with Druckschrift at Druckfrisch & Du

More information at:

Everything that took place at the Manhattan Bar was video-documented and shown at Rundgang 2019 in the form of a USB publication.
By the time of the open day, the bar was (probably) non-existent and was converted into a crepe and ice cream shop.

The Manhattan Bar was run by Miki Feller, Bruno Jacoby, Moritz Appich, Julius Bläser, Mona Mayer, Calvin Kudufia, Juliane Schmitt, Leia Walz, Hanna Franke und Josefine Scheu under the supervision of Rebecca Stephany.

Thanks to:
Judith Milz, DJ Cashmere, Lizzy Ellbrück, Nis Petersen, Johannes Timm, Book Boy HfGK, Meret Bhend, Alex Theis, Jonas Grünwald, Cecile Kobel, Kathi Rüll, Phil Zumbruch, Max Victor Herbert, Grazyna Roguski, Shui Zong, Lukas Rehm, Viktor van Wetten, Leonie Ohlow, Luis Junker, Carlo Siegfried, Lisa Bergmann, Larissa Frank, Iris Weigel, Video as object, Philip Scholz, Karolina Sobel, Johanna Schäfer, Isabel Mehl, Severin Geissler, Valentin Pfister, Illaria Atonali, Isabel Koch, Yung Leo & Leonardo DiCaprio, Anita Zinser & Tänzer, Yugo, Sloe Paul + Band, Chevalier Avantgarde, Balcony DC, Traash Boo, DJ <3, Kamala, Jason King, Nelly Weckel, Isabel Motz, Sascia Reibel, 76666, Lukas Marstaller, Lina Determann, NoFoundry, Florian Knöbl, Isabell Konrad, Johannes Bauer, DRUCKSCHRIFT, Yaya Demmer, Jannik Lang etc. etc.