"Undressing in the locker room / and putting on the white shift / good mood and a smile / a name tag that no one looks at anyway / on an empty stomach / with eyes half-closed / belly fat lifting / a hand / gripping my top tightly / and holding on to me with all its might."
(From the notes)

Shift is a lecture performance that gives a fragmentary and personal insight into the work as a nurse. Through various elements, aspects from the hospital environment become a visual and auditory collage. On the one hand, Corinne Riepert reports on an absurd summer slump in July 2020, the reverse side of the state of emergency, which, however, continues to be carried by the ordinary atmosphere of everyday work.

Text, sound, photography: Corinne Riepert
Concept and scenography: Corinne Riepert, Mona Mayer
Dramaturgy: Mona Mayer

After training as a healthcare and nursing assistant, Corinne Riepert studied fashion design in Trier. During this time she discovered an interest in installation and scenic spaces and is now pursuing this at the HfG Karlsruhe in the ADSZ program. Her field of interest lies in the wide space between text and textile. She collects material from a wide variety of fields, analog and digital, and weaves them into textile, spatial, and performative practices.

Mona Mayer studies communication design at the HfG Karlsruhe. During two semesters abroad at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, which she completed in 2020 in times of lockdown, her interest in the aesthetics of the everyday deepened once again. This also colors her practice moving in the broad fields of graphic design and art, including print, object, video, installation/spatial design, text, drawing and painting.