"In short: I am a blanket diagnosis.
Once I am the obsessive | Once I am the fashionable disease.
I am angry | Want to scream, get loud, screech, box, lash out.
I still hear it | Don't be so hysterical. Now Die is hysterical again."
(script excerpts)

Space installation and audio piece by: Jaya Demmer created body choreographies from conversations, interviews and own research in SoSe 2021.

Sewing process and design with: Isa Motz, Leia Walz
Spoken by: Jette Schwabe

Jaya Demmer has been studying scenography and exhibition design at the HfG Karlsruhe since 2017. Through associative work processes, research, and detours, she develops projects based on collaborative exchange and craft activities that emerge in dialogue with their environment. She is particularly interested in the physical perceptions of entering, visiting, and inhabiting different spaces.