The installation "La chambre rouge: Greenhouse Photography" ("The Red Chamber: Greenhouse Photography") was staged in early July 2022 during the media art festival "Faites de l'Image" media art festival in Toulouse.

The principle is simple: set up a nomadic darkroom outdoors with few resources to democratize the practice of analog photography in outdoor installations. Instead of equipping a darkroom with red light (as is classically done in a photo lab), here is a hacked greenhouse with light insulation and a light filtering system to take advantage of sunlight during the day and to be able to open up views of the surrounding sites from the inside.

During the media art festival "Faites de l'Image", la chambre rouge was activated through a series of workshops that introduced sustainable analog development with plant-based photographic developers. In the future, I plan to transform the installation into a giant mobile camera obscura to be able to take collective large-scale outdoor photographs.