Eine phänomenologische Erforschung des Lichts, bei der Brechung, Reflexion, die physikalischen Eigenschaften und die Auswirkungen auf Menschen und Materialien untersucht werden. Mit Besuchen in einem Beleuchtungsunternehmen, einem LED-Hersteller, einem Labor für Lichtforschung und Vorträgen von Lichtexperten.

Colorful Variety by Sebastian Schilbach

Dichromatic light is a physical phenomenon in which certain light waves are reflected and others are transmitted. A coating of thin interference filters creates this separation of the colored light. To work on this project I was looking for ways to test different shapes and effects in a simpler way. Most interesting were the color overlays and blends, great effects were created in the process and there was something playful about it. This resulted in the small models that are intended to encourage people to try them out. At the end of this research, I came to the conclusion that this material has a lot of potential for me as a designer and the results from this seminar offer many possibilities for further projects.

Light Café by Luisa Hentsch

On sunny days I started recognizing “dancing lights”, I was fascinated by the untraceable choreography, the fleeting presence and the beauty in the shape of these light patterns.

I. The “Light Café” is a light interior, where artificial light sources are replaced by mirrors that direct the sunlight into the room, float and enlighten it in a way that lamps are not necessary anymore and therefore electricity can be saved. II. The “Light Café” is a fixed installation, where the interaction between the presence of people and the presence of the sunlight creates a dynamic and performative interior that adds a vivid and poetical layer to the room.

In both contexts, the common criteria and the rule that I have set for myself is no artificial light! “Light Café” therefore acts as a lamp that can not simply be switched on and off but is created by the flow of our natural environment instead. It creates an ever-changing atmosphere and endless wonderment in the visitor of the space”.

An Acrylic Analysis by Lorenz Stein

I chose to analyze the behavior of acrylic glass when exposed to light. My research, collected during the last months, led me through different stages and processes in working with my selected material. Acrylic glass has the feature of not only being easy to work with but at the same time having this special quality of glowing in different ways, when exposed to light. Already a small amount of ambient light is enough to conjure that “gloomy” glow, especially on the cut edges of individual sheets. What inspired me during my research the most tho was the photography of these created objects. Bringing out said qualities and effects in a controlled environment and capturing them in the best way possible to me, really kept me going to try out new methods in production as well as in photography.