My goal was to bring clouds down to earth and give them more space. I have found that people know almost nothing about clouds and I wanted to change that. So I had the idea to show children already in kindergarten or elementary school what clouds can do and what kind of weather they create. The puzzle would promote general knowledge about clouds and bring fun to children’s learning.

The combination of visual, haptic and acoustic activities, paired with topic-centered factual information, vouches for a variety of development potentials for adolescents between the ages of 4 and 10. Children are encouraged in their exploratory behavior and creative thinking while puzzling with ‚the puzzle cloud‘ and are supported in their spatial thinking as well as their motor skills. For children before school age, the focus is on simply engaging with the environment. Children of school age and older are supported not only in motor, creative and sensitive development but also in the formation of interests through theme-centered information, which can be understood as an important component of personality development. When the clouds are correctly assembled, the feedback serves the reward center, allowing children to associate learning with joy. ‚The puzzle cloud‘ offers children a variety of development potentials and the opportunity to explore the exciting world of clouds in unconstrained and liberated play.

The task for the children is to correctly assemble the puzzle parts. On a display they can see the correct shapes in an interactive application. Tapping the matching cloud shape opens a text that their parents or caregivers can read to them and they learn about the photograph in the sky of the real cloud. In this way, children learn directly which cloud shapes there are in the sky and what weather they bring us.