The play "Tragödienbastard" (Tragedy Bastard) by Ewe Benbenek was technically and artistically worked out by students in the winter semester 2021/2022 as part of the seminar "Das neue Stück" (The New Play) and turned into a staged reading of nearly 2 hours.

It is an act of emancipation. The play, which was crowned with the Mühlheim Dramatist Award, tells in a rhythmically raging stream of speech about how the daughter of Polish immigrants and her "chosen sisters" free themselves from the burden of the migration narrative and become what they actually always were: Goddesses.

Participating students: Amelie Enders, Anastasia Serikova, Arthur Schuman, Carl Koch, Elisabeth Bayerl, Isabel Winter, Juhee Han, Luca Ihns, Lucy Cramer, Marie Herrndorff, Merve Abt, Rahel Diederich and Rebecca Lob.

Supervison: Prof. Constanze Fischbeck (HFG), Anna Haas und Eivind Haugland (Staatstheater)